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Full Version: FreeAdultScript Version 3 When??
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Hello again

Previously 2010 installed the script, but since there were so many defects that I chose not to use it.

Now I have again downloaded the script (version 2.1) which should be the latest?

There are almost as many errors in this edition as in the previous script example when you download a movie from the different sides, so it takes no time with the text and automatically, it must copy manually '.

I can not get "Auto Video Add" to work and I also signed up for "Extreme Word Spinner," but it does still not work.

However, I can not see what I should write on the Extreme Word Spinners website?, It's not "articles" I'm looking for? Maybe I'm just too stupid to use "Free Adult Script"?

You write that version 3 is coming, when?
You also write that you want to make your own videograbber, when?

Hope you will find time to answer my questions.

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