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Full Version: Always change everything?
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Is it possible in the next update to implement to the control panel:
- Search option (on/off)
- Numbers of the videos in each categories (I mean Lesbian(15)) (on/off)
- More tag option in control panel
- Category names under the videos (on/off)

I already modified functions.php with these options (and i think many freeadultscript user did as well) but if there is an update we have to modify always manually the functions.php if we want to get back these basic options.

Thank you!
i am pleased that you posted this.
i have talked to admin about the option of making the "searchform" into a function that template users can use, like "searchform()"
we have also discussed the other codes, some of which will most likely be re-written, just to neaten the code, not functionality.
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